Strawberry Pastry, Guava, Fudge Brownie, Tropical

Location: Gedeb

Varietal: Karma, Wolisho

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1950-2150 masl

Woah. Where do we begin with this coffee. It’s a natural, it’s fresh crop, it has traceability to specific varietals, it’s AMAZING. But all kidding aside, the fact that we know the specific heirloom varietals of this coffee is pretty rad to say the least. 99.9% of coffee bought and sold from Ethiopia gets the “heirloom varietal” tag. Theres nothin wrong with that, but there is everything right with the rarity of knowing exactly which heirloom varietal you are drinking. We love this fact because it means that the traceability is that much more. The grower, Tariku, has been producing coffee for around 10 years on his 30 acre farm, located in the Gedeb district of Gedeo, in the Southern Nations of Ethiopia. His coffee is his main income to support his family of 3 boys and 7 girls. This coffee was harvested in December of 2018, and is natural dried on raised beds built by Tariku and his sons. The flavors we are getting from this coffee brewed many different ways are extremely tropical, with intense ripe red berry fruits. In milk, this tastes like a strawberry milk shake with a fudge lined rim on the glass. Boom. We love it, you will love it, and we love Triku for his hard work to get it to us.

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