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Dark Cherry, Piña, Nectarine, Caramel, Juicy

Location: Buesaco

Varietal: Gesha, Caturra

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1980-2008 masl

This is the first natural processed Colombia we have bought to date. There was quite a bit of buzz surrounding this coffee, and we totally bought into it, and we are sure glad we did. When we first tasted it, it was unlike the usual Natural Ethiopians we are used to and familiar with. Rather though, this coffee was a bit more clean, floral, and juicy while still remaining delicate.

The blend of Caturra, and Gesha really play well together as co-varietals. The Caturra comes through with the rustic sweetness of burnt sugar, caramel, and some clean fruit, while the Gesha shines through with the tropical, and delicate characteristics Geshas are known for. This is truly a unique coffee, and we are pleased to add it to our lineup.

The municipality of Buesaco, which has an interesting micro-climate caused by warm air that rises from the canyons at night and acts like a protective blanket for the coffee plants. As a result of these combined attributes, coffee plants passively absorb the sun’s energy during the day and then come alive at night when the conditions are less harsh. This translates into concentrated flowering and long cherry maturation periods. All of these factors produce exceptional coffee frequently rewarded in the Colombia Cup of Excellence, including the 2017 first place coffee from Medina Espejo. Nilson Luis López Dias, who owns and manages San Antonio, is at the center of the Buesaco success.

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