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Candied Orange, Pear, Complex, Plum, Chocolate

Location: Bongará

Varietal: Caturra, Typica

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1850 masl

We love coffee. We especially love interesting coffees with up front fruit, complexity, and acidity. This isn’t to say though that we don’t love coffees that have a more “sessional” profile with lots of stone fruit, Chocolate, and rustic sweetness. This is exactly what we look for in a Peruvian coffee, and is exactly what we have found in this one. Luis is a 2nd generation coffee farmer with a huge drive to get creative, and take chances with his processing methods, and his experimentation. Through his ntention, and his methods, comes a complex, clean, and easy drinking cup profile that not only you will like, but your Parents will like too. Score one for the masses. Lots of milk chocolate, deep plum, and a bit of citrus. Not too much, just a bit to bring that sweetness. Kinda like those chocolates that are shaped like oranges, and when you smash it down, it breaks into chocolate orange slices, then you eat all of them because they are so delicious. Yep. Kinda like that, except its coffee. ∆

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