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Kaffir Lime, Clover Honey, Soft Acidity, Dates

Location: Chimaltenango

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed

Elevation: 2051 Masl


Small producers in northern Chimaltenango call Typica ‘gigante,’ or ‘giant,’ for the long curved shape of the bean. Typica is planted abundantly, alongside smaller amounts of Bourbon and Caturra, in an area of northern Chimaltenango defined by San Jose Poaquil, Comalapa, and San Martin Jilotepeque. This region has ideal conditions for growing these older varieties, with elevations exceeding 2050 masl. Often, these smallholders have less than one hectare of coffee planted, and most harvest their own cherries, taking them to nearby receiving stations where they are then processed and dried in Antigua.

Cupping the Los Gigantes arrivals, our flavor notes gravitated to the sweeter, rounder profile. Think milk chocolate, honey, and raisin with a subtle balancing brightness. These coffees will play well with others in a blend, while also shining as a single origin offering. Sweet and clean, they are sure to please.

This coffee has delicate flavours and acidity that shine through in filtered brewing methods.  As an espresso, the citric acidity is dominant, with an amazing body and taste that lingers through the life of the cup.  REALLY FUCKING TASTY.

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