Las Murgas / Colombia


Vanilla, Stone Fruit, Crisp Acidity, Marzipan

Location: Nariño

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed

Elevation: 2200 Masl


This is a pretty special coffee for us. I represents our first direct trad Colombian offering. One of our owners and Q grader Seanna traveled to Nariño this past fall for the ‘Best of Nariño’” tasting, competition, and auction. There, she got to visit all of the farms in the competition, meet the farmers, producers, and their families. She tasted over 60 entries into the competition with multiple other roasters from around the globe. From there, they were all able to narrow it down to around 20 of the best lots from the tastings. After awards were given to the respectful winners of the comp, the auction took place. We were able , and lucky enough to buy the co ees Seanna was the most excited about.

The cool thing about these comps are the fact that there are rewards for farmers and producers if their co ees make it to the nal cupping tables, which in turn leads to more and more of them putting in higher amounts of e ort, and care to grow and process better co ees. The price we then pay for the co ees, although on the higher side of the spectrum, is worth every penny as it too contributes to the greater good for more and more families to produce better tasting co ees.

Nariño has been one of our favorite regions in Colombia since we started roasting co ees. They are able to complete progressive experimentation in the region when processing co ees. This leads to some really amazing co ees, and some really funky ones too. We believe we bought one of the amazing ones. This co ee however has been traditionally washed to bring out the cleanest and juciest fruits it can o er. We taste a nice sweet Vanilla syrup, with lots of peach, nectarine, and other tasty stone ne fruits. It has a very heavy and juicy mouthfeel that lingers on and on for the life of the cup. As an espresso, it turns into a nice crisp apple acidity with a very silky mouthfeel. 



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