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Strawberry, Chocolate Toffee, Cherry, Sugar Raisins

50% El Cacho-Colombia

50% Nansebo-Ethiopia

1600-1800 masl


It is full on hot coffee season y’all. What does that mean? It’s winter, and fresh crop Colombians are coming in hot. So hot in fact it influenced us to change up the blend a bit. We have married an in season Ethiopia with a fresh Colombia in order to create this blend of flavors that will not only excite your taste buds, but it will also make your insides feel all warm and stuff.

Changing from those refreshing citrus bursts and juicy notes straight into some deeper fruit with lots of chocolate and rustic sweetness like brittle, and toffee. This new blend is nice and sweet on its own, with a big floral nose and intense dark cherry, strawberry pie, and caramel and toffee. Just as sweet and punchy with milk, but a bit more cocoa and rustic sweetness to compliment the natural honey sweetness of amazingly processed milk.

The Colombian comes from our favorite producer of the country, AZAHAR. Tyler and his team are really working some magic with innovative processing techniques, and clean washing practices to say the least. Every farmer they work with is able to improve the quality of their coffee, and get payed more for it. SCORE. Taking care of the hard working people is what matters in this crazy world of coffee.

Th Nansebo Ethiopian coffee hails from Sidamo and brings some clean floral, and fruit to the table. Nansebo is the washing station in which this small lot is brought to for processing.

Both coffees in the blend are pretty special in the sense that we would have bought each one as Single Origin offerings due to the fact that they are both just so good. We don’t short change our blend with more moderately priced coffees in order to make up for something that each coffee lacks, or because they are going to be a blend. Rather, we choose to spend top dollar on coffees that stand out on their own, as we would for a S.O. offering, and that are ethically grown and produced, without any sacrifice in humane practices as well. This allows the blend to be that much better than it would be with cheaper coffees. We then roast each coffee individually with matching solubilities so when they are joined in the chaos that is a portafilter, we know that they are going to play well with one another.

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