Plum, Brown Sugar, Floral, Honey, Peach

50% Pahlu Guatemala

50% Chelelektu Ethiopia

1700-3000 masl

It’s summer blend time, y’all.

We’ve replaced the natural Ethiopian component with a new fresh crop Guatemalan, and swapped the washed Kochere component for a washed Gedeo Zone banger. The end result is pure, clean, juice.

50% Pahlu / Guatemala:

It’s summer and fresh crop Guatamalans are in. For this version of our Landspeed blend, we were looking for something to pair with the washed Ethiopian component that would give us a brighter, juicier, summeryer cup, and this Guat is perfect. It brings a lemon acidity along with a more rustic sugar profile that we think is super sessionable brewed, perfect on it’s own as espresso, and amazing in milk. We’re stoked.

50% Chelelektu Ethiopia:

Look at the altitude on this coffee. It’s bonkers. On it’s own the Chelelektu is a coffee that we look forward to every year. It’s from Gedeo zone, which is a region that we know really well. In fact I think it’s safe to say that it’s our favorite region. Year after year, lot after lot, it consistently produces coffees that we love. Like. Always. And that’s why a washed ethiopian will always be a component in the landspeed blend. It brings the clean fruit, clean acidity, and floral notes that we love.

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