Toffee, Stone Fruit, Caramel, Apple Candy

50% Halo Hartume-Ethiopia

50% Augustino Forest / Colombia

1900-2200 masl

Washed / Natural

The newest and freshest edition of Landspeed has come upon us once again. Throughout the year, we are continually changing which coffees go into making up this blend due to seasonality of the fruit itself. This always allows for some fun and interesting, yet consistent flavor profiling of the blend. This time around, with no surprise, we have a delicious washed Ethiopian, and a Washed Colombian. The Ethiopian brings those nice floral, fruity, and subtle acidity notes that play and compliment it’s other half. The Augustino Forest Colombian brings nice rustic sweetness to the table. Toffees, Chocolates, magic acidity, while still carrying in lots of cherry fruit flavors. Both coffees are a party in themselves, but together, they manage to create those early 90’s rave parties that only the cool kids knew about. Except in this case, everyone is the cool kid, and you all are invited to this Party.

Both coffees in the blend are pretty special in the sense that we would have bought each one as Single Origin offerings due to the fact that they are both just so good. We don’t short change our blend with more moderately priced coffees in order to make up for something that each coffee lacks, or because they are going to be a blend. Rather, we choose to spend top dollar on coffees that stand out on their own, as we would for a S.O. offering, and that are ethically grown and produced, without any sacrifice in humane practices as well. This allows the blend to be that much better than it would be with cheaper coffees. We then roast each coffee individually with matching solubilities so when they are joined in the chaos that is a portafilter, we know that they are going to play well with one another.

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