Muscadella Grape, Orange, Vanilla Bean

Location: Kayanza

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Elevation: 2000 Masl


Nkonge is a smaller area within Kayanza Provence, on the hillsides of Kibira National Park. Cherry collected from here was driven toBuziraguhinwa for processing. This coffee is round and juicy with beautiful orange blossom florals.Buziraguhindwa is one out of two washing stations we by from owned by the producer Salum Ramadhan. Our history with Salum datesback to 2011, and the relationship has worked out great since then. He’s extremely detail oriented, spends a lot of time to train local staffand have a great loyal work force. He’s also having a transport business and are through that managing the domestic coffee logistics wellfor us. This means that we are always getting our coffees out quickly while they are still fresh. Buzuraguhindwa is a communal station inthe high altitudes in Kayanza. He’s mainly producing fully washed, but is also experimenting with naturals. The coffees are basically allselected daily lots, named by the local area or Collin (hill) where the cherries are purchased. Farms in Burundi is small, often below onehectar each with some hundred trees. This means that a daily lot of e.g. 25 bags of greens can consist of coffee from some hundredgrowers.He is systematically separating the coffees based on where they are grown, and by the date of processing. Post harvest we are cuppingthrough some hundred samples to select the ones we find outstanding. They generally collect cherries from a range of areas with differentaltitudes, growing conditions etc, and the flavor range is pretty wide spread according to that. The coffees named Buziraguhindwa iscoffees from the surroundings of the washing station.

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