Cranberry, Complex, Red Currant, Citrus Cake

Location: Kiambu

Varietal: SL-28, Ruiru 11

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1500-1900 masl


This is an AA Top grade coffee from the Ngemwa washing station in the Kiambu region in the East of RIft Valley of Kenya. Ngemwa factory is one of 8 different washing stations that belong to the Gititu farmer co-operative society. Altitude in Kiambu ranges from 1500 to 2200 masl. Varieties for this lot include SL-28 and Ruiru 11.

As always, we dig coffees that are exclusive, unique, and surprising. This is a really small lot with only 27 bags produced. It’s from a fairly small washing station too. One of the smaller co-ops in Kenya. Our initial draw to this coffee was probably the extremely high altitude that it was grown at. Another factor was its unusual variety. It’s pretty uncommon to see a Ruiru 11 with an SL-28. Our feeling is that the SL-28 adds that tomato flavor that is fairly typical of Kenyans, at that we try to avoid. The Ruiru seems to take that note and bend it into notes more like darker fruit and berries.

We tasted the Ngemwa with like 10 other Kenyas from 3 different importers. This one beat out all the others hands down. It tastes like citrus cake but not in a bready sort of way. In fact, this coffee was almost South American in its citrusiness. It’s a really big, juicy, fruity, sweet coffee. Which is what we like. 

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