Candied Lemon, Rose, Peach Gummies, Clean

Location: Uchumachi

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1650-1700 masl

From the importer (aka our friend Daniela):

Hipólito is one of our producers of Sol de la Mañana. Originally he is from the Bolivian Altiplano, but in 2004 he moved to Caranavi when he got married to Carmin Mamani, who had been living in Caranavi since she was a little girl because her father was a farmer and had some land in the region. Hipólito and Carmin share 5 children; 2 boys and 3 girls who are between 19 and 13 years old.

When they got married in 2004, Carmin introduced him to an agricultural life and they decided to buy some land and grow coffee and food for the family. They decided to name their farm “Finca Las Aves” which means “Farms of the Birds”. This has a very special reason: plenty of birds have nests in the trees all over the farm. They think this makes their farm very special.

They are very happy about being part of the Sol de la mañana program, because ever since they began working together with Agricafe, they have had a better coffee production and are able to travel to La Paz more often. They learned how to fertilize, to get rid of plant diseases and how to maintain a good farm. Hipólito especially loves the harvest season, because that is when he finally sees the result of the hard work he put into his farms.

They are happy about the volumes they are looking forward to harvest this year and are proud of themselves since they have been able to apply everything they have learnt within the program. The biggest challenge was to maintain all plants healthy during the rainy season, since it gets very humid and weeds grow very quickly.

They are looking forward to continue learning within the program in the next years and mostly, they are excited to learn how to prune.

Once the harvest is over, they are planning on enlarging their coffee plantations by half a hectare and of course, to look over their farm while drinking their first cup of their own coffee.

From Mike:

Direct trade, fam. These farmers are our friends and we’re sofa king psyched on this first lot. Candied Lemon, Rose, Peach Gummies, and dreams. Look out for this farm. We can only go up from here.

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