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Black Cherry, Floral, Cola, Syrupy

Location: San Adolfo

Varietal: Purple Caturra

Process: Cold Processed

Elevation: 1730 masl


Back at it again. Another cultivated mutation from the wizard, Rodrigo Sanchez. The aptly named purple catarra was an ultra rare occurrence that was ultimately bred into an entire crop at Rodrigo's experimental farm.

Good. Great. But he really takes us to the next level with the cold process he's developed for this coffee. Cherries are left with the mucilage intact and placed sealed in refrigerators. This pushes a slowed fermentation that allows more sugar and flavor development without creeping into the winey, alcoholy flavor zone that dry process coffees are often known for. This coffee tastes incredible. Rodrigo is the man. 

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IMG_3426 2.jpg