Jasmine, Lemon Meringue, Juicy, Stone Fruit

Location: Oromia

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1900-2000 masl


Bishan Fugu is the name of a smallholder association organized around the Adinew family’s large estate that spans the border between two of Ethiopia’s largest regions: SNNP & Oromia.

In the field, not only have they established their own harvesting sites, but they have partnered with smallholder associations. They don’t simply buy the coffee cherry from the local farmers, but they provide them with pre- and post-harvest trainings. These trainings include agriculture and business management help, with the intention of reaching beyond simply getting better coffee to create better, mores sustainable communities.

This double-washed Bishan Fugu is selected from one such smallholder association. The coffee uses a common East African tactic of soaking the parchment coffee in clean water after fermentation. Not only does this help remove any leftover pulp on the seeds, it also triggers the seed to begin germinating and it’s speculated this can improve the flavor.

We cupped this coffee against like 20 others, 4 of which were from the same farm, but different lots. This one beat them all out. It almost acted like a kenya, with showing acidity, but somewhat muted compared to a kenya.  It's crisp, bright, juicy, and floral from start to finish. It's classically Ethiopian in fruitiness, and approaches a Kenyan in acidity. Yeah. We dig that.

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