Lemonheads, Chocolate, Morello Cherry, Creamy

Location: Pitalito

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1730 masl


We got the opportunity at the beginning of the summer to attend the best of Huila competition in Colombia.  It was there that we got to meet many producers, and the people behind the coffees from the competition.  We were not lucky enough to walk away with any of the coffees from the auction, but by chance, after the comp was over, we were able to buy this coffee that placed in the top 15 of the event.  We were also lucky enough to meet Lucio and hear a bit of his story.  We are happy to say, this coffee is an extraordinary one, and are pleased to offer it as our first fresh crop Colombian of the season.  Here is a bit about the farmer, Lucio:

Lucio Libardo Delgado Córdobahas been a coffee producer for "more than 30 years," he said, after his brother sold him his first plot of farmland in 1994. He watched his farming neighbors and learned from their mistakes, and he also took advice from "friends, technicians, and engineers who advised me to be very organized with the money and the administration of the farm."

Don Lucio grows 16,000 trees on 16 hectares of his 20-hectares farm, and he has selected Caturra for this lot. The bright red cherry is picked and depulped the same day, and a zaranda is used to sort the impurities. The coffee is fermented dry for 26 hours and washed once before being put in parabolic driers for 15 days.

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