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Elderflower, Tropical Fruit, Sparkling Acidity

Location: Tolima

Varietal: Gesha

Process: Natural

Elevation: 1850 masl

This is a multi-generational family farm that is producing some seriously next level good good, and it’s not by chance, and it’s not by accident. You’d be hard pressed to find a farm run with more intention and attention to detail than Monte Verde.

Gildardo Gutiérrez has lived on the farm his entire life. He was given the property 40 years ago and has raised his three children there. His three children that happen to all be certified Q Graders. This family does not mess around when it comes to quality.

Direct trade Colombian Gesha. I don’t even know what else to say. We’re beyond stoked on this project. Gildardo is amazing. His coffee growing and processing knowledge is generations old but also super progressive. What’s really amazing though is his devotion to building real relationships with roasters that get what he’s doing and want to help push the already stellar quality of his coffee. Importing and exporting coffee is not easy, and it’s almost impossible if you’re a small company. We knew we had to have Gildardo’s coffee and he bent over backwards to make it happen for us. This coffee easily ranks among the best in the world. And we have it. Unreal.

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