Honey, Greengage Plum, Pineapple, Clean Acidity

Location: Chirripo

Varietal: Caturra, Villasarchi

Process: Black Honey

Elevation: 1500-1800 masl

This is an SHB EP Grade Black Honey processed microlot from Finca El Mango, which is located in the Rivas district of the Chirripo region of Costa Rica. This lot was harvested by Regulo Urena Chacon and the Urena family who have been harvesting since 2005. Growing altitude for this lot ranges from 1350 masl - 1825 masl and varieties harvested include Red and Yellow Catuai, Caturra, and some Villasarchi. Coffees are dried on patio and raised beds.

This pulped natural is taken a bit deeper into the dry process of the pulped natural process.  It is maybe the hardest of all the variations of the honey process to achieve due to its longevity on the drying table.  Could easily get really funky and over ripe/fermenty/way to winey tasting. These guys nailed it though. The cool thing about this coffee is that during the 2 week drying phase of the process, it was primarily in shade, which in our opinion is awesome. Think of lying out in the sun to get a tan. You want a nice even tan. You may however fall asleep, and get tan on one side, and burnt on the other. Same thing here. When naturals and honeys are drying in the sun, or partial shade, someone may not be monitoring them as closely as they need to, causing un even drying of the mucilage thats still left on the seed. When dried in partial shade, there is less chance of over drying on certain parts of the seed. It’s still closely monitored, but the risk of uneven drying is waaaay lower.

This is our first fresh crop Costa Rican of the season. We’ve been looking for over a month and tasted a ton of Costas, both honey and washed, and finally landed on this Hawaiian Punch of a coffee. Purple fruits dominate the flavors in a brewed cup, but on espresso it’s straight tropical. Like, Jimmy Buffett would write a song about it, tropical. Like, probably serve it with a cocktail umbrella, tropical.

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