Green Apple, Molasses, Apricot, Complex

Location: Huehuetenango

Varietal: Pacamara

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1500 masl


This is an SHB EP grade coffee from Finca El Transito which is located in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. This lot is entirely Pacamara variety and was grown at elevation ranging from 1200-1500 masl.   Fully washed, and dried on raised beds to ensure cleanliness.   Lucky we are to have gotten such a stunning single varietal coffee from the region.  We strive to buy single varietal coffees as much as we can from all over the world, but sometimes it just doesn't roll out that way, or they aren't the best tasting, so we go with a blended varietal.  Our luck from Guatemala however, is a different story.


This will now be the fourth coffee from Guatemala that is a stunning single varietal, with all of the clarity, and complexity of a mixed varietal coffee.  Not sure what it is about the coffees we lean to love from the area, but the universe keeps pointing us towards the Bourbons, and Pacamaras.  Take this coffee for example.  It has some intense malic acidity, which we translate to a delicious green apple, finished with some rustic sweetness of caramels, and clean sugars.  This is just an insanely sessionable coffee that everyone can appreciate and enjoi.  

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