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Cherry Cola, Raspberry, Complex, Pink Lady Apple

Location: Nyeri

Varietal: SL-28, SL-34

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1700 masl

Nyeri coffees are almost always at the top of a cupper’s list of favorites, and this special offering from the Ndaro-Ini Factory (aka Washing Station) is the top of the top. It somehow achieved that near-impossible accomplishment of mind-bending flavors, mouth-saturating sweetness, and impeccable balance that made it an instantly recognizable stand-out during our tastings. This early darling of 2017 Kenya arrivals will be tough to beat.

Ndaro-Ini belongs to an all-star Cooperative Society called Gikanda that includes Gichatha-Ini and Kangocho factories and together represent around 2,800 smallholder farming families. The farms and factories are located within Central Kenya’s Nyeri county, bordered on the west by the Aberdares range, and on the northeast by Mount Kenya. In all of Africa, only Kilimanjaro tops the maximum elevation of Mount Kenya.

Smallholders like those that contribute to Ndaro-Ini tend to measure their plots by number of trees rather than acreage, averaging around 250 coffee plants per plot. Many are inter-cropping to improve the biodiversity of the region and the security of their harvest, planting banana, grevillea, and macadamia in addition to coffee. Kenya’s auction system elevates the value of exceptional coffees, and keeps the country’s coffee margins high, stable, and independent of the volatile C Market.

We tasted the Ndaro-ini AA, and the AB, and the PB, and really liked the PB the best. We're super hyped to bring y'all a PB for the first time in a long time. Peaberry sorting is intense. Seed to seed size is ultra consistent resulting in a more even roast, which in-turn results in a more even extraction.  It's a nice coffee. And it's super limited. Get you some.

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ndaro-ini pb.png