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Milk Chocolate, Pear, Silky, Raisin, Marzipan

Location: Pena Blanca

Varietal: Catuai

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1500 masl

This super microlot separated coffee is from producer Jose Esteban Madrid Cristal and was dry milled at Beneficio San Vicente. San Vicente is a special place.

Beneficio San Vicente is a family owned and operated dry mill and exporter located in the town of Pena Blanca in Northwestern Honduras. Founder and longtime coffee buyer Fidel Paz constructed the current milling facility in 2000 as production in the surrounding area (Santa Barbara) increased, affording the family the opportunity to connect their producing community directly to international buyers. Fidel’s sons Benjamin and Fidel, as well as nephew Arturo, play integral roles in their unique and holistic approach to creating opportunity with and for the local producing community. Over the years, San Vicente has become a financing partner for new and existing growers, allowing producers to find buyers willing to pay fair and competitive prices instead of floor prices. Additionally, they are regularly available to deliver farm-level agronomic consultation as well as advice for processing cherry to produce the highest quality possible. As a result, the number of farmers separating and differentiating their coffees for sale into the specialty market is growing each year. To best support these producers, San Vicente does not buy their coffees as an intermediary, but rather connects these producers directly to buyers for more transparent price negotiations. Coffees produced within the San Vicente community frequently place as finalists in the national Cup of Excellence competition year after year, establishing the mill and family as a globally recognized leader among specialty coffee producers in Honduras.

It’s fresh crop party in Honduras, and you’re invited. A lot of the best coffee in Honduras is processed at this mill, and this is the first time we’ve had an opportunity to buy from it. We bought 6 out of the 7 bags of this microlot and we’re v stoked on it. Get it here and (almost) nowhere else.

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