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Orange Sherbert, Creamy, Strawberry, Floral

Location: Guji Zone

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Elevation: 2120 masl

The Titiro Goyo comes from the Hallo Fuafate Washing Station. It’s located in Worka, a village close to the Hallo hamlet. The washing station is located 2032 masl, and the name Hallo Fuafate comes from the name of the hamlet, and the local waterfall nearby. Fuafate means falls.

The Washing Station has been operation since 2010, and they buy cherries from farmers in the area. Last year the washing station sold 10 containers of green coffee, this year it will be only six.

The Hallo Fuafate Washed Process:

The cherries are depulped within eight hours of arrival, then they undergo 72 hours of wet fermentation. They spend 24 hours on the first drying bed with a net base that allows the water to drain, then they are moved to raised beds where they dry for six to ten days. They are covered with plastic overnight, and sometimes during the day if the weather is too hot.

Oh sweet sweet Goyo. We tasted this coffee against 10 other coffees. Like. 10 other really really good coffees. This lot is delicious. We would’ve bought more but we had to split the lot with one other roaster. It’s super limited, hella tropical, and punchy AF.

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