Caramello, Plum, Honey Crisp Apple, Clean

Location: Santa Elena

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1700 masl


Catracha coffees from last harvest showed an uncannily uniform high density, and this season appears to continue the tradition. This community lot is well above average density as well as elevated moisture content and water activity numbers. I took a second reading on a different day to confirm, and I’ve included temperatures with water activity now, as the metric is indeed highly depen- dent on the storage environment of the coffee.

Dulce Meloso is a blend of the heirloom variety Bourbon and the New World cultivar Catuaí, a lab-crafted hybrid of two spontaneous mutations specific to the Americas. When Bourbon seeds first crossed the ocean to the Americas, the Arabica heirloom plant began to take on new characteristics, and a mutation eventually called Caturra was first observed in Brazil, noted for its short stature and resistance to wind and rain. Another spontaneously occurring variety called Mundo Novo first appeared as a cross of Bourbon and Typica and was then used as an ingredient for Catuaí, when humans got involved and crossed Mundo Novo with Caturra to create another dwarf tree with higher yield when properly fertilized.

Honduras Santa Elena Catracha Dulce Meloso GrainPro is sourced from a family-owned farms organized around Catracha Coffee Company, which works directly with small producers in the municipality of Santa Elena within the department of La Paz, Honduras. Traditionally, farmers in Santa Elena have sold their coffee in cherry to a middleman, eliminating the possibility of earning better prices based on the quality of the coffee. Catracha Coffee works with a select group of farmers who participate in monthly educa- tional seminars that provide guidance for harvesting and processing coffee focused on quality. The profits gained from quality premiums are returned directly to the producers so they can better support their families and reinvest in their farms. Dulce Meloso is a selection of coffee from Simeon Vásquez, Antonia Sánchez, Pilar Gonzalez, Sinforiano Gonzalez, Juan de la Cruz, Francisca Vásquez, and Fausto Vásquez. 

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