Blackberry Jam, Complex, Golden Raspberry, Floral

Location: Kirinyaga

Varietal: SL-28, RUIRU-11

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1600 masl


This is an AA Top grade coffee from the Ndunduri station in Kenya. Ndunduri was built in the early 1970’s and lies 1600 meters above sea level on the expansive slopes of Mt Kenya region. There is good management and support from the farmers and staff of which there are 673 in total. Apart from coffee other crops grown are passion fruits, maize, beans, and tea. The factory has 8 soak pits which are enough for draining waste water, and there is no river nearby which can be polluted, Napier grass and trees are planted nearby to help in purifying the waste water. Through partnership with Coffee Management Service (CMS) Ndunduri works with its members to provide monetary advances and farm input loans as well as education on sustainable farming practices. Coffee is pulped with a disc-pulper and fermented overnight before dying on raised beds for 7 to 15 days.

Kenyas are always on our top priority lists when the season hits. This season hit hard with many many amazing coffees from the region. Usually focusing on the Nyeri region of the country, this year we were a bit more impressed with some of the coffees coming out of the Kirinyaga region. This years harvest however was a bit smaller, thus escalating the prices of all high quality coffees from Kenya. We tasted through heaps of samples, and in the end we were able to pin point the flavour profile that we have all come to love from the Kenya coffees we buy here at MiddleState. No tomatoe, but rather big dark fruits. Berries, high acidity, complex tasting coffee.

This coffee really fucks shit up when made with a filter. It becomes as complex as old world varietal wine we have ever tasted. Which isn’t to say it carries “winey” characteristics, because it doesn’t. We will shoot you all over some parameters and suggested brew methods as time goes on with this one. You should also do the same for us.

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