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Grapefruit, Maple Candy, Blackberry, Juicy

Location: Nyeri
Varietal: Ruiru 11, Sl28, Sl34 Process: Washed
Elevation: 1700 Masl

Process:  Washed

This AA Top quality coffee comes from Gachuiro washing station which is located on the mountainous slopes of Nyeri, near Mt. Kenya. Gachuiro is a member of the Kiama Farmers Cooperative Society. It employs 360 men and 124 women, and farms around 100 hectares of farm. The coffee is dry fermented and fully washed with fresh water from nearby Kagumo River before being sun dried. Coffees in this lot were grown at 1690 masl and are comprised of SL34, Sl28 and Ruiru 11 varieties. Gachurio is a word from the local Kikuyu people meaning “to wait for too long” because the area where Gachuiro factory now sits was once occupied by the Masaai who could not easily be moved.

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