Ingoboka / Rwanda


Plum, Agave, Orange Spice, Persimmon

Location: Rutsiro District

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1600-2000 Masl


This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the INGOBOKA Cooperative located near the shores of Kivu Lake, one of the African Great Lakes, in the Rutsiro district of Rwanda. INGOBOKA was established in 2004 and currently has 135 members, 47 of whom are women. INGOBOKA maintains a children’s school fund to assist members with education expenses, and a health insurance program to improve access to medical care.

This coffees complexity is probably the most exciting thing about it. The deep fruits shine through fully with nice floral and spice notes on the back end. Rwanda is famous for it’s “potato defect”. This is most easily smelled when the coffee is ground. It really does smell exactly like a potato. This is also often confused with the smell of the roasted coffee itself, which has a sort of dirt nuance to it. This is most commonly caused by a red bean that grows wild in the soils of rwanda, and is embedded in the terroir. 

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