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Candied Ginger, Pomelo, Juicy, Papaya

Location: Acevedo

Varietal: Caturra, Colombia F6

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1600 Masl


This coffee is collected fully mature . Harvest was short because there were very few pickers. The collection was very expensive at 6000 / arroba. We depulped the same day of collection, starting at 4 PM and finished at 8 PM. We left the coffee in the fermentation tank until the next day. Between 20 and 26 hours depending on the weather of the day. To know that it is ready to be washed, we take a quantity of coffee in the hand and we open the tube of the water; If the coffee releases the mucilage, with a few scrubs in the hand, that means that the coffee is ready to be washed. We wash, and give between 4 and 5 rinses.

We still have a small house type dryer, (6 x 8 long) and dry in single layers. It is turned about 4 to 6 times per day, depending on the sun.

On the farm, coffee has always been produced, but was sold in the commodity market; until the day we wanted to try our luck with the specialty. Then, I took a sample, and it had the humidity they demanded. Then, I take the coffee, and it turns out that I also passed the cup test. I could not deliver more coffee because I could not dry it well. Eduardo told me that they were going to do a CCS ACEVEDO CUP 2016: with all the coffees from the area. I did not think mine was going to win among the finalists. And, when I knew that my coffee had reached the end, I was very happy. I think I can get very good coffee, and the price is good. You sell the coffee and you can participate in an additional prize for the quality you get.

Wedged in the fork between the central and eastern cordilleras (mountain ranges) where the Colombian Andes, coming up from the south, split into three distinct mountain ranges (the western, central and eastern cordilleras). Just beyond the central and eastern cordillera convergence is jungle and thus, moist, cool air. The effect that this has on Acevedo microclimates is that of a simulated increase in elevation—there is a wide diversity in humidity, temperature and rainfall—leading to differing but ideal coffee-growing conditions. The variety found in the cup profiles coming from Acevedo reflect its array of microclimates. 

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