Bartlett Pear, Starfruit, Balanced, Milk Chocolate

Location: Inchuasi

Varietal: Caturra, Pache

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1750-2100 Masl


If there’s good news in Puno this year, it’s that the farmers who have stayed true to coffee have galvanized their communities towards a greater commitment to coffee production. The Inambari Valley in particular, home to the Inambari and Tupac Amaru cooperatives, is still producing strong volumes of beautiful coffees. The San Isidro and San Ignacio areas of Tunkimayo are still producing beautiful coffees as well. Staying true to our commitment to these producers has allowed us to increase the volume of our purchases from 650 bags in 2015 to 800 bags this year. It’s not much coffee in the grand scheme of things, but we hope that number will grow as harvests stabilize and yields increase.

Though the climate in Puno may be slightly wetter than Cusco, the peak altitudes are similar. The Sandia Valley is home to a wealth of 1900+ masl coffee. Caturra and Typica are the common varietals, though Bourbon plays an even stronger role in the genetic makeup of coffee here, thanks to a UN-funded replanting project in the 1980s.

This coffee is our third coffee from Peru this season.  We have grown pretty fond of coffees from the region.  We buy them mainly from RedFox Coffee Merchants who pride themselves in getting to the deeper and harder to reach areas in  Peru.  There selection process and work with the producers is inspiring.  This coffee is nothing short of fantastic.  Gleaming with nice acidity, well balanced

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