Gold Coffee Dripper


This little device is our new favorite coffee dripper.  We were a bit skeptical at first, but once we had some time with it, we were able to dial this thing in pretty well.  The Gold filter lets you brew without using a paper filter, and still makes a surprisingly clean cup of coffee.  However, it just so happens that an Aeropress filter fits perfectly inside the brewer.  The paper filter adds some clarity to the cup, which we really dig.  We have also made a simple modification by adding an aftermarket gasket to the top portion, allowing a bit more space in the brewing chamber.  The bottom half of the brewer holds the paper filter and the coffee.  You then place the top half onto the bottom, and pour your water here. Because the top half has its own perforations in it, it acts as a shower head so that the water is perfectly distributed onto the bed of coffee in the chamber below.  So really, it doesn't matter how you pour your water over the top.  You could literally use a paddle to scoop it in, and you will get the same result as using a fancy coffee kettle. Super tight. The ideal amount of coffee for this brewer is 18 grams.  We like to roll with a 1-15 coffee to H20 ratio, but do whatever the hell you want, is what we always say. We dig this little brewer, we think you will too.

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