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Dried Strawberry, Date Cookie, Syrupy, Cocoa Nibs

Location: Gedeo Zone

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1950-2060 masl

Here we go again with another insane naturally processed coffee from one of the greatest places on earth, Ethiopia. We tasted many fresh crop naturals side by side, and ended going back to this one. Strange thing was that we had gotten about 3 times the amount of this coffee as a sample than we normally would get, and we lucked out because of it. We botched the first sample roast, and then gave it a few more shots. We ended up with a good amount of roasted samples, so we got to play with it on espresso and pour over because of it. We ended up loving it on all brew methods, so we went for it.

This is your classic natural with intense flavours of dried red fruits, a bit of chocolate, and some nice tropical notes. The mouthfeel of this coffee was what really caught our attention. Nice and heavy and syrupy just the way we like our naturals to be. Not overly funky though, this coffee presents some cool clean complexity without being to wild.

Tibebu Roba is the gangster responsible for growing this coffee, but Tesfaye Roba is behind processing it as a separate microlot. Tibebu’s 20-acre farm is located near the community of Chelchele in the Gedeb district of the Gedeo Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region,Ethiopia. Tesfaye and his brothers recently took over farm operations for their mother, Bedihatu Jibicho (now approaching 100 years old) and also began processing and exporting coffee for neighbors like Tibebu. Tibebu has been cultivating coffee for 21 years but this is the first year, with the help of Tesfaye, that he has been able to sell his coffee as a micro-lot. Coffee is Tibebu’s main source of income that he uses to support his 11 children (5 adopted).

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